Powerco EV

Illustrating new technologies

PowerCo is one of New Zealand’s largest transmission companies, spanning two large regions of the North Island. They see the huge potential for electric vehicles on their network, and also see renewable distributed generation coming online in a big way. They wanted to combine those two visions in a way that showed the public what that clean-energy future might be like.

The challenge

PowerCo needed to create a flagship technology demonstration that not only worked flawlessly as a durable public resource, but had all of their branding as well. The EV charger needed to be high-tech, support the latest charge point protocols for fleet management, offer real-time metering, allow remote management of the unit, and integrate a secondary grid-connect solar PV array. The visible dashboard needed to display real-time data shown via an attractive, responsive touchscreen app.

The result

PowerCo chose SolarNetwork and a SolarNetwork enabled EV charger to display how much energy the unit has provided for customers, and what kind of carbon emission offset that represented. EV charging customers can see the sunshine and know that the energy shining all around them is making their transporation cleaner and more efficient. Customising the energy dashboard with PowerCo allowed them to own the brand and the sales channel to the end user, which is an important aspect of how SolarNetwork integrates into existing brand identities.

EV charge station kiosk