SolarNetwork Foundation success stories

Browse through some of our case studies below on how schools and companies used the SolarNetwork platform to solve their energy information challenges.

Camp Glenorchy

Earth-friendly cabins achieving zero net energy, with SolarNetwork powering the data-driven process.

Zero Energy House

SolarNetwork Foundation helped Zero Energy House integrate their building management system with SolarNetwork to enable real-time sharing of the house's energy environment.


SolarNetwork Foundation worked with School-gen to save power and create learning opportunties in New Zealand schools.

Air New Zealand

The operations team at Air New Zealand uses SolarNetwork for real-time PV energy monitoring and automated load-balancing control on one of New Zealand's largest PV arrays.

Powerco EV

PowerCo wanted to help power a public EV charger in Tauranga, NZ with a solar PV array. They wanted to both integrate the information about the charger's use with a future option of adding live solar PV generation info for users.