SolarNetwork Foundation

Shining light on your energy environment

SNF helps individuals and organisations track their energy use to support the uptake of renewable energy sources and realize the benefits of conservation. We provide technology and expertise that enable anyone to publicise their energy use and sustainability strategies. Our goals are to help you:

understand your energy use in a detailed, comprehensive way

see changes in your organisation’s energy use over time and in light of your specific circumstances

share the results of your sustainability initiatives in energy use

demonstrate action on behalf of sustainable energy use

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Our principles

The SolarNetwork Foundation’s work is guided by our belief in:

Open source

Open access to not just code and hardware, but plans, instructions, and documentation.

Data-driven process

Decisions should be based on measurable facts. Outcomes should be measurable and provide feedback into the decision making process.

Open data

Collected data reaches its full potential when freely shared for all to learn from.

A data-driven process

SNF realizes that understanding the impact of our energy use on the environment can be difficult. There are many factors that make up your energy environment such as the power you consume, the price you pay for that power, the power you generate, the price you earn for that power, and even the weather. We work to help you make sense of all this with the SolarNetwork computing platform that:

  • collects measurable data from your energy environment over time
  • provides simple ways to query the collected data and visualize the data in understandable ways
  • facilitates the discovery of patterns of energy use, to enable actionable changes that support the more efficent use of energy
  • enables automated energy management, achieving energy efficiencies with minimal work on your part
SolarNetwork data platform