Be your own power station

The promise of putting solar PV on your roof to lower your energy bill is a seductive one. With a minimum of fuss, a solar PV array can quickly be installed on your roof and start pumping clean energy into your building, potentially offsetting your power bill for years to come.

Will my power bill go down?

Because solar PV only generates power during the day, the impact it has on your power bill will depend on how much power you use during the day. If you generally use electricity all day, then a basic solar PV system can make a big impact on your power bill. If you are primarily away during the day, however, much of the power generated by the solar array will be exported to the grid. Your local electricity retailer will have to agree to buy that exported energy, so the impact it has on your power bill depends on the price they are willing to pay you for that power.

Exporting solar power to the grid during the day

Be solar smart

SolarNetwork Foundation can help you make a smart decision about solar power. Ensuring you can actually use a majority of the power you generate is key. SolarNetwork can help you understand how and when you use energy. From there we can help you understand things like:

  • the impact different sized solar systems would have on your power bill
  • how a battery system could be used to store solar-generated energy for night-time use
  • how an electric vehical could be charged from solar power
  • how SolarNetwork can integrate with home automation systems to save even more money
  • how to participate in “smart grid” initiatives to save even more money

By making well-informed decisions on your solar system, the sun will be empowering you to save money and help your immediate environment.