• SolarNetwork year in review: 2020


    SolarNetwork continued to evolve and grow over 2020, even as the world quickly changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. This post outlines some high-level numbers that highlight what SolarNetwork experienced over the previous year.

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  • Tiered pricing plan - 50% price reduction


    As a non-profit entity, SolarNetwork Foundation always strives to keep the costs of running the SolarNetwork platform as low as possible and to offer subscriptions at a fair and reasonable amount based directly on those costs. SolarNetwork's subscriber base is growing, and those subscribers are monitoring an ever-increasing amount of renewable energy assets as they expand and grow themselves.

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  • TimescaleDB feature


    SolarNetwork has relied on the TimescaleDB extension for the PostgreSQL database for many years. Timescale (the company) asked us if we’d like to share our story with them, which has resulted in a post in their blog.

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  • Hello there!


    The SolarNetwork Foundation is pleased to launch this website, which has been a long time in the making and long overdue. We’re pretty excited about getting this charity off the ground and trying to help as many folks as possible in the process. We’ve already worked with a lot of great people and organisations, doing amazing work in all sorts of renewable energy and sustainability areas. We can’t wait to meet more, and hopefully work together to help make Earth great again.

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